Recycled Glass Jewelry – The Fashion Aficionado’s Eco Solution to Accessorizing

Glass is a versatile and beautiful material to use in many facets of our lives. But the process of making new glass is not at all environmentally friendly. The initial crushing and grinding of the compounds sends particulates of metals, chemicals, acids, and dust into the air, surrounding soil and ground water. The need for extremely high temperature furnaces to melt the mixture of substances is very energy intensive. And the processes emit a significant amount of carbon dioxide and other air-polluting compounds like nitrogen oxide, sulfur dioxide and particulates.

The Good News

Glass is 100% recyclable and can be reused to make a variety of objects. For every ton that is recycled, more than a ton of raw materials needed to create new is saved. Using cullet, or recycled pieces, takes 40% less energy than making new glass, as cullet melts at a much lower temperature. It also eliminates the million year wait for each bottle or jar ending life in a landfill to breakdown.

Jewelry Addicts Have Eco Solution

If you are a jewelry fashion aficionado you will agree that recycling at its best is the use of recycled glass for jewelry making. The idea is simple: take trash that will take a million years to break down in a landfill and turn it into exquisite pieces of wearable art. The process of using recycled glass for jewelry is eco aware chic. Using old windows, drink bottles, dishes, cups, and jars the material is turned into cullet. In one studio an artist cuts the glass, assembles the pieces into a design, than fires it in a kiln to fuse the pieces together creating a unique design. Another artist uses a three foot tall magnifying glass to focus sunlight (3,000 degrees!) to melt the glass. The molten glass naturally forms an elegant droplet shape.

Artists Create the Design

Each artist uses different types of recycled glass and process in creating their own unique design. The following list gives you some idea of these creative processes.

    • Most readily noticed is Brand Glass Jewelry. This simply is re-using branded bottles and jars – like soda, beer, wine, and liquor bottles – working the glass pieces into different pieces of jewelry.
    • One very interesting type is Sea Glass Jewelry. Mimicking a natural process, post-consumer glass is cut into pieces and sand tumbled in an artificial environment. The result is glass pieces that looks like true sea glass.
    • With the use of a kiln, Fused Glass Jewelry is created by using several pieces of recycled glass in different colors and textures. The glass pieces are then melted together to create a single beautiful glass piece.
    • Drop Glass Jewelry uses a heat source to melt a recycled glass piece letting the force of gravity pull the piece into a droplet.
    • Stained Glass Jewelry is a reuse of broken glass pieces of different colors and shapes fit together in a creative pattern.
  • Creating a rainbow effect of color, Iridized Glass Jewelry uses pieces of glass that have been treated with metal salts.

Bling Bling With Thoughtfulness

The popularity of recycled glass jewelry is on the rise. Earth aware artists and consumers alike recognize not only the benefits to the environment but the beauty found in each piece of recycled glass jewelry. Stylish jewelry designs have made recycled glass jewelry more fashionable and attractive. At the same time artists using recycled glass contribute to environmental protection by using materials that save 75% of raw materials and over 50% of the energy normally needed to produce items from new glass. Recycled glass jewelry is a sparkling solution to minimize a mundane problem. Ah, and yes, a Jewelry Fashion Aficionado’s dream of an eco solution to stylish accessorizing.

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How Retail Fashion Jewelries Can Make Your Looks Outstanding

Buying an item or two from any retail fashion jewelries shop is simply beneficial. Jewelries can make your overall looks outstanding. But most of the time, jewelries and accessories enhance your best features. However, if they are worn incorrectly, it can make your whole looks unpleasant.

Any jewelry, whatever the designs, size and colors, they work to add dazzle to a simple dress that can draw attention to the parts of the body you want to emphasize.

Here’s to help you look amazing in whatever occasions, rather than devastating:

1. Match wisely
When you choose your dress for any occasion, you should know first the piece of jewelry you want to wear. Remember, your outfit should match your accessories, not the other way around. If you plan to wear a statement jewelry, which is usually big and bold, choose a dress or outfit whose designs are not busy and sophisticated. Keep it simple and sweet, sunshine!

2. One at a time
You should always remember the mantra: less is more. Avoid wearing statement necklaces, rings or earrings at the same time. You do not want to overcrowd your look by wearing them together. If you plan to wear jewelries, for instance necklace and ring, make sure they coordinate with each other. Stick with the same kind of metal.

Tip: A long necklace and a cocktail ring can work together. Chandelier earrings and a cuff bracelet are a perfect match. If you are wearing a belt, steer clear from wearing long chain necklace. Remember, jewelries are great retail fashion accessories for women.

3. Necklace and neckline must coordinate
Any piece of necklace stands out by wearing a top with the right neckline. Statement or bold and big necklaces can work well with strapless, off-the shoulder, scooped necked or v-necked dresses and tops.

Avoid wearing collars and halter necks when wearing bold necklaces. Also, the key to wearing statement jewelries is to choose simple and one-colored tops to maintain the chic-look.

4. Choose your earrings carefully
Earrings are important and beautiful. They are the first jewelry to be noticed. Wearing a piece of earrings enhances your face shape and features. Wrong pair can be distracting and unpleasant to look at. So, they must be chosen wisely.

When wearing bold earrings, make your hair is sleek and not too big. Also, take note that it’s all about balance. And if you are wearing brightly colored earrings, choose simple and clean makeup.

5. Pay attention to your hands
Rings give emphasis to your beautiful hands. When wearing bold rings, make sure your nails are perfectly groomed. Opt to simple manicures and avoid multi-colored manicures, nail arts and glittery nail polish as they do not go along with color of your rings. Hence, it does not convey elegance at all.

Remember also to wear one ring at a time so your hands will not look overcrowded.

To sum it up:
Choose your accessories or jewelries before you pick up the clothes you are going to wear.
Match your clothes to your accessories or jewelries.
Always remember that less is more. You do not want to look like a clown.
Know the basic rules in fashion especially in wearing fashion jewelries and accessories, and some unwritten rules too.
Study the necklace and the neckline relationship.
Earrings and necklaces emphasize your upper part like eyes, while bracelets showcase the hands.

Above all, any piece of jewelries makes your entire get-up more fabulous and jaw-dropping. So, make sure to look for piece of jewelries that complement your entire looks. It is also beneficial to look for retail fashion jewelries shop that offers wide variety of items to choose from.

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Why Plus Sized Fashion Is Vital in the Industry Today

The misconception afloat today is that plus sized modeling justifies being overweight, and those thin models are the people who put in the effort to look good and deserve modeling blah blah. Now let’s dispel some of these misconceptions and elucidate why plus sized modeling is actually progressive for the society.

Plus-size is not extra large size, its average sized

When we use the word ‘plus -sized’ it is in reference to the modeling world. As you may probably know the regular industry standard models have very particular strict height and weight requirements to meet in order to qualify most types of modeling. However, these models are not necessarily ‘healthy’ (Being underweight and malnutrition can be as adverse as being overweight) and it doesn’t mean that everyone is physically able to meet these criterions.

Plus sized models are in fact models that represent the average bodily figure in the society. By doing so they are able to relate to the larger audience better than industry standard models. They also stand testament to the fact that Modeling isn’t just about looks, but rather it’s also about how you are able to exude confidence, and to what level you are able to pose and portray the intended emotions and message.

Brands and Commercial marketers are starting to understand the importance of plus-sized models

Because of how well plus sized models are starting to represent the general population commercial advertising and marketing has started to value this area of fashion. Major brands such as Ralph Lauren, Nike and Levis are just some of the top brands to incorporate plus-sized models into their brand and product management strategies.

Removing the Stigma

This fashion comes in at a crucial time when the world is being engulfed by unrealistic standards of beauty. Yes, there are still criticisms that run about how plus size models aren’t actually plus-sized, and that more plus sized models should be involved in high fashion and Runway modeling. It is true that there is still much room for progress and there is definitely a need to accept all kinds of models.

We as a society are evolving and change will come, albeit slowly. We are currently seeing the revival of the curvy fashion of the 1950s which produced Marilyn Monroe. So sit tight because we as a society are heading towards expansion of not size alone, but fashion.

“To all the girls who think you are fat because you’re not a size zero, you’re the beautiful one, its society who’s ugly.” -Marilyn Monroe

The importance of human relation and public speaking skills for an aspiring model

We all have encountered at least once a good public speaker and a person who is excellent at communicating with us. You also may have heard that this is good for adults in their businesses, but how about models? Most of the time models won’t speak and pose as they are told to, but public speaking skills and human relations actually have a very crucial role to play for model’s success.


As a model, you will not be posing in an enclosed studio all the time. Many times your photo or video shoot will happen outdoors. There are situations such as runway modeling; fashion shows, promotional modeling in parties and events which take place with a large group of people. Being good at public speaking will boost your confidence in such venues because you know you that you can speak confidently if asked to and you won’t have any fear to confidently show your body in the crowd.

So as the real slim shady says, be proud and be out of control. We as Singapore modeling agency, believe you don’t have to fit in to a society in which you don’t belong. Find your own voice, and express your true self and get some handy tips from model agency.

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The Power of Beauty

Have you ever wondered why women are so concerned about how they look? Why they aim to look like the beautiful women they see on the television and in magazines? That’s because beauty is power!

Even way back into ancient times women were concerned about their looks. Think of Cleopatra or Nefertiti who were beautiful women of their times.

The cosmetic industy is well aware of this and that women will go to great lengths to look beautiful. That’s why the cosmetic industry is a multi billion dollar industry.

When you think of beauty you think of what you see on the outside. But beauty is more than skin deep. And beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder! What one may find beautiful another may not. Even though there is no such thing as a definition for universal beauty all women know how to use their beauty to their advantage.

Men fall for this manipulation constantly. In fact they seldom know they’ve been snared into the web with a woman’s beauty. Of course the know when exterior beauty is mesmerizing them but it’s the internal beauty that they have not idea is working. That pouty mouth, those sparkling eyes, that gentle laugh. The power play of the boardroom and the bedroom share many similarities.

It’s a proven fact men are unable to release themselves from the beauty of women. A quick look, a wink, a big inviting smile, a relaxed posture are all indications that a man has succumbed to beauty. Studies have shown even the smartest men go stupid when entranced by the beauty of a woman.

Remember Sophia Loren, Jane Collins, or Jaqueline Bisset. Think about Julia Roberts, Nicole Kidman, Madona, Marilyn Monroe. There beauty had an instant effect on the male population. Not only their exterior beauty but the deeper inner beauty of confidence and mystique that surrounded them.

These women were all show stoppers without even trying. In fact when asked they felt their features were flawed, but men didn’t see it that way. And yet each of these women were totally different in looks and personality. But each brought a certain group of men to their feet. Each had the ability to take the smartest man and turn him into a walking talking zombie stuttering, and staring.

Remember a beautiful woman is more than the exterior shell. Beauty is the whole woman. Personality, charm charisma, seductive sexuality, a smile, or a stance. There are many elements to a womens beauty than capture a mans attention and lock him into a world of bliss.

There is no cure for the poor male population, no pill to pop, no treatment to make them free of the power of a beautiful women. There are no magic bullets to stop the bite of beauty from turning the male population into a drooling idiot or a walking talking zombie. And until there is women will continue to use their beauty as a weapon on the opposite sex. Sorry guys!

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Fashion Handbags – 9 Fabulous Fall Handbag Styles With Lots of Pizzazz

There’s no denying that fashion handbags are fun and with fall in the air, there’s plenty of styles and colors to choose from. Whether you’re looking for designer fashion handbags or discount fashion handbags, you can familiarize yourself with the latest and greatest shapes, sizes and colors.

Boxy Satchel Handbags – True to its name, the boxy satchel is literally a box-shaped bag that is built to last and carry lots of your essentials. These satchels typically feature short, sturdy handles and prominent hardware. They lean more towards casual, but some can be used for dressy events. Colors are an array of browns, black and tan. You’ll find a few reds and green in the mix. Patterns and fabric range from embossed crocodile to shiny patent leather.

Most suitable for: work, casual

Structured Hobo Handbags – The hobo handbag has been around for so long because we love it. Its simple triangle shape has become a fashion handbag classic. Now, it’s getting a bit of an update for fall. You’ll find the new hobo in sturdier leather materials and with bolder pockets and hardware. Colors are brown, black, red, with a few unique colors like cornflower blue making a splash. Also, you’ll see some dual tones like a basic black with brown pockets.

Most suitable for: work, casual

Nylon Tote Handbags – The nylon tote has been given a funky handbag update and now it’s actually cool to own one. The flexible nylon material makes them lighter to carry than leather. You’ll see them in quilted patterns or plain. Colors range from maroon to green, from neutral to red. They have short handles and minimal hardware – mostly zippers.

Most suitable for: work, casual

Soft Bowler Handbags – Bowler handbags got their style inspiration from bowling bags, but you won’t be carrying any heavy balls in yours. These handbags are very sturdy with short handles and classic construction. Stylish accents are usually buckles and hard and suede leather. Colors are winter white, tan, dark brown, blue, tweed and dark red.

Most suitable for: work, casual

Slim Shoulder Handbags – Slim and sleek is the name of the game for this retro style. These slender bags have long handles and sit close to the body. As far as style choices go, the sky’s the limit. They are beautifully elegant in patent leather, quilted fabric, suede leather, embossed python, or a simple canvas style. This is a very classy look.

Most suitable for: work, casual, dressy

Black Patent Trim Handbags – Essentially, these are small satchels and bowlers, with short handles, that are highlighted with sleek patent leather accents. You’ll see patent leather on the handles, the top of the bag, sometimes on the bottom, and in the middle around the straps. They look very chic. Even if you are a big bag person, you may find these too cute to pass up.

Most suitable for: work, dressy

Slouchy Leopard Handbag – Wildly eye-catching, these bold and beautiful handbags make a statement all on their own. Every woman should have an animal print bag sitting in her closet and these comfy bags will wear on your arm nicely.

Most suitable for: casual, fun

Cracked Gunmetal Handbag – The future of fashion handbags is here in the coolly modern cracked gunmetal bag with its chic and grownup sense of style. You can now add a little silver flash to your collection without any fear of looking tacky. These grown up metallic handbags are very alluring. The shapes are familiar – some retro 70s and 80s styles can be found. Very new millennium.

Most suitable for: casual, dressy, fun

Oversize Clutch Handbags – Did someone say super size me at the last handbag designer show? Your basic handheld clutch purse has now become a giant clutch big enough to carry lots of the day-to-day stuff that you enjoy hauling around. These look like your typical snap or zip closed clutches on steroids. They are handheld and the style is classy.

Most suitable for: work, casual, dressy

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